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Last revised: August 2005

SAS Pictures: Buildings, Art, and People

Note, that this text could be outdated in some respects since I left SAS Institute in 2007 and never went back.

Some Buildings on SAS Campus in Cary NC

There are now about 20 buildings at the SAS Campus in Cary NC. Their names were chosen almost chronlogically beginning from A, the oldest to U, the newest. Some exceptions in the order were made to satisfy some association toward the use of the building, i.e. building V was build much earlier. Buildings A, B, and C are now being removed to make space for new hotel on campus. My first office was in Blg. E when I started my work in 1986. This is now the second oldest left, after D.

Some Sculptures at SAS Campus in Cary NC

Driving around the SAS Campus in Cary NC you may see a piece of strange scrap metal next to the street. Please do not call the cleaners! It may be a valuable artefact of a famous local artist posted at precisely that location just to enjoy you. The following are not the official names of the sculptures at the SAS Campus. Most of the names are those used by some other SAS employees who may have not the proper understanding of art.

Images of People are not shown here!

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