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Professional Activities

My Liver Disease and Cancer Group at the University Klinikum

Apsorn and Phanit’s visit to our lab in Sept2017

Visit by Warangkana and Apsorn, July 2015

Tanyarath Graduation in Bangkok

Heidelberg Visit of Ron Mason

Farewell Party for Apsorn, April 2011

My Family in Thailand

With Friends in Thailand

My Brother Yai as Monk

My Brother's Photo Studio in Njam Wongwan, Bangkok

My Orchids

I have had this hobby of growing orchids since 1990 starting in Raleigh, North Carolina, and then in New Orleans, Louisiana. We have had a good collection of about 50 plants in both homes in NC and LA. When we moved to Heidelberg, Germany, we brought with us about 30 plants after a rather long application and inspection with the US Wildlife office and the US Department of Agriculture.

All of our orchid plants have been doing very well in Heidelberg. We always have some plants in bloom throughout the year. We have Dendrobium hybrids bloom in the summer, and Phalenopsis in bloom during the Winter. We are also able to get some original Thai orchids to bloom as well in Heidelberg - they never did bloom in the US. Here are some examples of our orchids:

Some Orchid Flowers in 2017

Aerides houlletiana Asc. Udomchai beauty Asc. Udomchai 'Bart' Christensonia vietnamica x neof. Falcata Coelogyne fimbriata
Den. venustrum Den. capituiliflorum Den. Draconis Den. Farmeri Den. Parishii
Den. Purpureum Den. Rhodostictum Den. Sulcatum Epidendrum Green Hornet x fragrans Paph. Concolor
Rhetm. Sagarik x Asc. Curvifolium Rhyncostylis coelistis Vanda_lamella x Coerula Vanda Magic Pink

Dendrobium Dendrobium Dendrobium Dendrobium Dendrobium
Phalenopsis Phalenopsis Phalaenopsis Phalaenopsis Phalaenopsis
Rhyngigantea Rhyngigantea Rhyngigantea Rhyngigantea Phalaenopsis
Asconcendra Asconcendra Asconcendra Asconcendra Phalaenopsis
Brassia Brassia Brassia Our "Ballerina" plant
Vanda Vanda Colesteries

Some Orchid Flowers in 2016

Our Redlight Ballett
Blue Vanda 1: Magic Blue Blue Vanda 2: Magic Blue
White Vanda 1: Lavendel Mist White Vanda 2: Lavendel Mist

Some Orchid Flowers in 2014

  1. Dark Purple Vanda
  2. Purple Asconcendra
  3. Dendrobium Eximum (South American Hybrid)
  4. Orange Asconcendra
  5. Red Asconcendra

Some Orchid Flowers in 2012

Yellow Dendrobiums Asconcendras Dark Purple Vanda
Light Purple Vanda Thai Chang Dang Yellow Catteleya

Some Orchid Flowers in 2010

Mini Pink Cattleya White Cattleya Pink Cattleya
Phalenopsis Paphiopedilum concolor (Thailand) Chostylis (Thailand)
Sri-Siam Rhynochostylis Gigantea 1 Sri-Siam Rhynochostylis Gigantea 2 Yellow Dendrobium 1
Dendrobiums Yellow Dendrobium 2 Jaquelin Thomas Dendrobium 1
Asconcendra 1 Vanda 1 Vanda 2
Vanda 3 Jaquelin Thomas Dendrobium 2 Neo Falcata (Thailand)

Some Orchid Links

At Christmas of 2002, we purchased this antique Buddha head sculpture from an auction house down the street from our home. This is from the Sukothai era (14th century). A German engineer working for the King of Siam in the early 1900's, was collecting Thai antiques. Coming back to Germany in the 1920's, he brought his antique collection to Heidelberg. Some more Thai art and culture is here.

Two Home Towns: Udon and Bangkok

Born in Bangkok I grew up in Udon Thani where my father had his business. For college I went back to Bangkok.

Wat phrakao at night decorated with lights for the celebration of the King's birthday. This decoration takes place every year. This picture was taken 20 years ago by my brother Yai.

Map of Udon Thani Shrine in Udon Thani Historic Structure in Udon Thani
Bangkok during APEC 2003: 1 Bangkok during APEC 2003: 2 Bangkok during APEC 2003: 3
Bangkok during APEC 2003: 4 Bangkok during APEC 2003: 5
Bangkok during APEC 2003: 6 Bangkok during APEC 2003: 7 (Fireworks) Bangkok during APEC 2003: 8 (Fireworks)
Bangkok during APEC 2003: 9 Bangkok during APEC 2003: 10 Bangkok during APEC 2003: 11
Bangkok during APEC 2003: 12 Bangkok during APEC 2003: 13 Bangkok during APEC 2003: 14

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